The amount that you need to pay on registering is subdivided as follows (except for non-residents of Québec (see below) and foreign students).


  • The fees must be payed in full on registration. They cannot be paid in instalments.
  • The prices indicated are subject to change. In case of a discrepancy between the prices on our website and the price that is calculated at the time of registration, the price calculated at the time of registration shall apply.
Registration Fees Refund
Tuition fees1
(See Student status and tuition-free studies below)
Full-time None2 No
Part-time $2 per hour of instruction Yes (if cancelled before the cancellation deadline)
Independent student $6 per hour of instruction3 Yes (if cancelled before the cancellation deadline)
Non-credit course $6 per hour of instruction Yes (if cancelled before the cancellation deadline)
Course materials fees4 1st registration Depends on the materials required for each course No
Subsequent registration for same course (if you have taken the same version of the course at Cégep à distance previously) $10 No
Registration fees ($20), special fees ($25) and other fees ($10) $55/semester No
Application fee5 1st admission $30 No
Visiting student (commandite) None No
Shipping fees 1st registration $20/course No
Subsequent registration for same course $5/course No
Association générale étudiante du Collège de Rosemont (AGECR)

(Direct admit students)
Cotisation AGECR 10,00 $ per trimester Yes

(If cancellation within the specified timeframe, make the request to the AGECR)
Enrollment in AGECR’s group insurance plan(Effective as of May 1st, 2024) 54,00 $ per trimester (Effective as of May 1st, 2024) Yes6 (Withdrawal must be made through the group insurance plan)
Academic equivalency for studies outside of Canada $50 No
Special fees – Canadian student or permanent resident, non-resident of Québec See below Yes (if cancelled before the cancellation deadline)

1. The amount charged for each course appears in the online Course Selection Guide. If you are eligible for free tuition, you do not have to pay tuition fees.

2. In order to qualify for tuition-free studies within an ACS/AEC program, you must have previously qualified for tuition-free status within the same program. You will find additional information on tuition-free studies below.

3. EXCLUDING students registered in the Springboard to a DCS pathway (081.06) or in university prerequisites, who must pay fees of $2 per course hour.

4. Materials fees are charged for every course taken. These fees are outlined in the online Course Selection Guide. Taxes will be applied on material for non-credit courses. Contact us to learn more about the applicable terms.

5. $30 for the first application (no matter how many courses you apply for) if you have no commandite. If you are already enrolled with a commandite and you are re-enrolling without a commandite, you will have to pay these fees and provide the documents required for a first application. Readmission charges may be required if more than two years have passed since your last registration request.

6 Withdrawal must be made through the group insurance plan: Plan Major

Course materials fees

The course materials fees are based on the amount and type of course materials, and whether you are reapplying for a course that you have already taken at Cégep à distance.

Note that you always have to pay the course materials fees, registration fees, special fees, other fees and shipping fees, as well as the admission fees, if applicable.

Note: Cégep à distance will not accept or refund returned learning materials. Furthermore, these materials cannot be transferred from one student to another.

Re-enrolment in the same course

If you are re-enrolling in the same course, you can use the same course materials if the course version has not changed. We will then give you a new series of assignments. Make sure you still have all the course materials and mention it in your application.

Non-resident of Québec

If you were born outside of Québec

All Canadian citizens or permanent residents who do not qualify as Québec residents are charged the special fees for non-residents of $1,780 for full-time enrolment and $8.69 per course hour for part-time registration.

To qualify as a resident of Québec, you must provide documents attesting to your residency in Québec.

Student status and tuition-free studies

Free tuition means that the Ministère de l’Enseignement supérieur (MES) subsidizes your tuition fees for the course.

Tuition-free status applies only to tuition fees. Therefore, you must pay certain fees even if you are eligible for tuition-free studies (see Fees above).

Free tuition applies in the following three situations:

1. Full-time registration in a DCS/DEC program

Your application must include at least four courses, or the equivalent of 180 course hours.

2. Deemed full-time status

If you have a major functional disability under the terms of the Financial Assistance Regulation, your part-time application must include fewer than four courses and fewer than 180 hours. You must provide a medical report. You will find the form on the Official forms and documents page.

3. Registration with a commandite that grants free tuition

When you enrol with a commandite that gives you free tuition in a public, private, or subsidized CEGEP or in a government institution for the fall and winter semesters.

For registration in the summer semester, you have to pay the full amount at the time of registration with Cégep à distance. The tuition fees will be refunded to you after your college confirms your tuition-free status with the MES.