Student already enrolled in another CEGEP

To enrol at Cégep à distance

If you are studying full- or part-time at another CEGEP, you must obtain a reciprocal arrangement for visiting students authorization (commandite) in order to study at Cégep à distance. Please inquire at your own CEGEP.

What is a reciprocal arrangement for visiting students authorization (commandite)?

commandite can be granted by your CEGEP to allow you to take courses at Cégep à distance that will be credited by your CEGEP. The commandite confirms your student status and helps determine the fees you will have to pay. It also allows your CEGEP to track your educational progress.

Courses for you, no matter what program you are taking

If you want to earn a Diploma of College Studies (DCS/DEC), you can take general and complementary courses at Cégep à distance, no matter what program you are taking. Cégep à distance also offers some prerequisites required for certain university programs.